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Whether you are new to Print on Demand or you are just looking to expand the products you sell, capri leggings will make a nice addition to your Ecommerce store.

Print on Demand Capri leggings are made “on demand” which means you don’t have any upfront cost until someone makes an order from your shop.

This is one of the major benefits of the “print on demand” model because you don’t have to hold onto any inventory.

Once an order is placed your design will be printed onto a white base fabric using a process called sublimation. The fabric is then cut and sewn. Once the capri leggings are made they will be shipped directly from the supplier to your buyer.

In this guide we look at the 5 Best Print on Demand capri leggings for your online store.

5 Best Print on Demand Capri Leggings for your Ecommerce store

1. Printful

Printful offers two different styles of capri leggings. You can get the casual cut or the yoga cut capri leggings which have a higher waist line.

The capri leggings are form fitting with an elastic waistband.

They are made from 82% polyester and 18% spandex. They include 5 sizes from XS to XL. You can choose between white or black thread color depending on your design colors.

Printful print on demand capri leggings

This style is also available in full length and shorts. The base price is 23.50 and shipping is 3.99 in the US for the first item.

The yoga capri leggings have a higher waist with the option of an inner pocket sewn into the waistband for no additional charge. The base price is 27.95 for the yoga capri style. This style also comes in full length and shorts as well. The base price for the yoga capri leggings is 27.95.

Custom Branding: Printful allows you to add your custom logo on the inside of the waistband.

To create your all over print design Printful gives you a Photoshop template document that shows you the area to create your design.

Printful connects easily with Shopify or you can easily add your product to your Woocommerce store using the WordPress Printful plugin.

What we like: Printful has a wide range of leggings in different cuts and styles. Make sure you add a matching sports bra or padded sports bra to your collection.

Looking for more athletic wear? Check out these other Printful products you can add to your store.

2. KinCustom

KinCustom is another Print on Demand option that offers capri length leggings and full length yoga pants.

These capri leggings feature a mid rise waist and comes in 6 sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. They are made of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex.

Kin Custom print on demand capri leggings

Make sure you pair your capri leggings with KinCustom’s seamless all over print sports bra.

Custom Branding Set: 

For an additional $1.99 per item you can have a custom branding set. This includes:

  • A hang tag with your logo
  • Sewn in label
  • A Poly bag with your logo
  • Branded packing slip with your logo

Having the option to brand your products with your logo gives it that more professional feel.

What we like: Good price point. Offers a nice variety of activewear products in addition to leggings.

Here are some additional KinCustom activewear products that you can include in your online store:

3. Contrado

Contrado offers leggings in 3 styles: capri, mid (¾), and full length.

Contrado print on demand capri leggings

They feature an all over print design and you can choose between two styles of fabric finishes: Slinky Matte or Soft Sheen Lycra. They have sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. The base cost is $44.00 and 8.25 for premium shipping with tracking included.

Pros: Only company on our list that uses Lycra material. Good style variety and offers plus sizing.

Cons: These leggings cost more to produce than the others on this list. You will have to factor that into your overall pricing model. Since they are made of Lycra you could price them as high end leggings.

4. Printy6

Printy6 offers capri leggings and full length leggings.

Their capri leggings are made from cotton and spandex and they come in 7 different sizes ranging from S to 4XL. The base cost is $10.81 and they feature flat rate shipping depending on which cost varies depending on the location.

What we like: Printy6 offers the cheapest production cost on this list, but they are made from cotton instead of polyester or Lycra so you may not be able to sell them as high end leggings.

5. Art of Where

Art of Where offers regular capri leggings and yoga capri leggings.

The Yoga capri leggings have a wide waistband and are made from their own Eco Polyester fabric. Basically they created a process to reduce the amount of water and energy it takes to create the polyester fabric to help reduce their environmental impact as a company.

Art of Where capri leggings

With Art of Where you can choose between three stitch colors – white, grey, and black depending on your design colors. They come in 5 different sizes ranging from XS to XL. The base cost is $30.00. The retail price in their own marketplace is $55.00.

What we like: Art of Where has good variety with both regular and yoga legging styles in capri and full length. They also feature their own marketplace for their products. You can sell them through your own website or on their platform. They also integrate with other platforms like Etsy and Shopify among others.

3 Benefits of Print on Demand Capri Leggings

1. Higher perceived value

Sportswear can have the potential for higher profit margins over just selling T-shirts because there is a higher perceived value for high end designed leggings.

You can also pair it with a matching or coordinating sports bra which can cause your customer to spend more in your shop.

2. No Inventory

With print on demand you do not have to keep any inventory, because the product isn’t made until it is ordered. This business model matches production with demand. This not only helps your bottom line, but ultimately helps the planet by limiting wasteful clothing production.

3. Flexibility of All Over Print Design

All over print designs allow you greater flexibility in your design. When it comes to T-shirt designs there is a limited area in which you can print your design. With an all over print design you can choose to cover every visible inch or not.

Challenges to Print on Demand:

1. Sizing

One challenge of the print on demand business model is sizing and exchanges. In this case you need to decide on your exchange policy from the beginning.  Using a Print on Demand doesn’t make it easy to offer exchange in sizes. You want to make sure that you state from the beginning that all sales are final and that you do not offer any size exchanges or you will have to factor that into your overall pricing.

Make sure that you have a detailed sizing chart and that it is easy to find. You may want to include sizing in your product description because not everyone will click through to see a sizing chart.

2. Underlying White Fabric

The all over print sublimation process using white fabric for its base. You can get some nice vibrant prints using this method, but you should be aware that when the fabric is stretched to the extreme you can see the white in between the colors. This is more noticeable with dark prints and when the fabric is stretched to the extreme.

3. Unable to control exact placement of design

Some print on demands companies will have you upload a design for every size, but some do not. In this case you can’t always control the exact placement of a design. Especially if you are using a word or phrase on your design. The sizing of that word will appear slightly different from size to size.

All over print designs work the best with pattern designs. Because you can’t control the exact placement of the fabric it is hard to ensure that designs with horizontal stripes will line up exactly when they are sewn together. Just keep these factors in minds when designing your capri leggings.

Print on Demand Capri leggings – Conclusion

Capri leggings can be a great addition to your online store.

The all over print design offers flexibility in design and pairs nicely with sports bras and sports shorts in your online store.

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