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Scrunchies are a fun fashion accessory and will make a great addition to sell in your online store. In this guide we look at the best print on demand scrunchies.

Note: There are not a lot of options when it comes to print on demand scrunchies. Check out our full guide on the best print on demand hair accessories.

1. Printful

Printful’s scrunchie features an all over print design. One selling feature is the fabric used to make the scrunchie is made from leftover fabric, which makes this an environmentally conscious product that was created to reduce fabric waste.

Printful's print on demand scrunchie

Printful is a print on demand company that offers a wide variety of print on demand products. Printful is free to get started and integrates with many of the major Ecommerce platforms. Check out our full review of Printful.

Check out the video below to see examples of Printful’s all over print scrunchie.

2. Gooten

Gooten’s print on demand scrunchie features a fun all over print design.

Gooten print on demand scrunchie

Disadvantages of Print on Demand Scrunchies

High Cost Per Item

One of the major disadvantages to selling print on demand scrunchies is the high cost per item. When you only make one item “on demand” the overall cost to make that individual item goes up. You may find it difficult to compete in the scrunchie market based on cost. In this case you will need to have a unique selling factor. If you are only planning on selling print on demand scrunchies as your only product inventory they you probably won’t be able to compete. However, you could sell Scrunchies as an accessory item that matches another apparel item like a shirt or leggings.

Alternative selling option – Buying in Bulk

One of the disadvantages of selling print on demand scrunchies is the overall cost. If you want to sell scrunchies, but are looking for a more cost efficient solution than consider buying them in bulk. The more inventory you buy the less cost per item and you will have more profit potential.

Elastic Band Co

Elastic Band Co offers custom scrunchies and head bands that you can buy in bulk. The larger the bulk order the less the per item cost is. You have to order a minimum of 25 scrunchies.

Elastic Band Co scrunchies

Boosters Incorporated

Boosters incorporated also offers custom printed scrunchies that you can buy in bulk.

Boosters incorporated scrunchies

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