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Block patterns have become a popular design trend, adding a touch of geometry and repetition to various creative projects.

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to effortlessly create captivating block patterns using our Quick Pattern Maker Photoshop Actions. These actions are designed to streamline your pattern-making process, enabling you to produce stunning results in Adobe Photoshop.

Easy Block Style Patterns with Photoshop Actions

Here at Lemon Paper Lab we like to streamline our process and use actions to speed up our workflow. We have developed a set of Photoshop actions that simplifies the creation of block patterns. Check out our Quick Pattern Maker Photoshop Actions for pattern design.

Getting Started: Loading the Actions

After you have purchased the Photoshop actions, the first step is to load them into your Photoshop software. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Open Photoshop.
2. Ensure your Actions panel is visible by navigating to `Window` > `Actions`.
3. In the Actions panel, click on the small icon in the upper right corner.
4. Select \”Load Actions.\”
5. Locate the downloaded file with the \”.atn\” extension and click \”Open.\”

Setting Up Your Canvas

To begin creating your block patterns, you’ll need a canvas to work on. Our Photoshop actions are optimized for a canvas size of 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels. Here’s how you can set up your canvas:

1. Create a new file by going to `File` > `New`.

2. Set the canvas size to 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels.

3. Choose the appropriate settings:

  • Artboards: Select if not using the pattern preview tool.
  • Resolution: 300 pixels per inch.
  • Color Mode: RGB Color.
  • Background Content: Transparent.

4. Click \”Create\” to generate your canvas.

Creating Block Patterns with Photoshop Actions

Our Photoshop actions offer a variety of block pattern options, each with its unique style. Let’s explore how to apply these actions to create captivating designs:

1. Applying a Uniform Block Pattern

1. Ensure your Actions panel is open.
2. Select the desired object on your canvas.
3. Choose the \”Block – One Tone – Uniform \” action.
4. Click the play button to apply the action.
5. Instantly witness a uniform block pattern emerge, organized in a group.

2. Trying Different Variations

Each action creates a different block pattern variation that you can experiment with. Here are some examples:

– Two-Tone Patterns: Create intriguing two-tone block patterns using opacity adjustments.
– Vertical and Horizontal Flips: Experiment with flipping your object vertically or horizontally to achieve unique effects.
– Scale and Rotation: Test different scaling and rotation options to diversify your pattern.

3. Customizing Your Patterns

Feel free to modify the color and arrangement of your patterns. You can even convert your object into a smart object to retain flexibility in making changes. The actions automatically define the pattern, making it easy to preview your creation.

Showcasing Your Creations

Once you’ve crafted your patterns, it’s time to showcase them in your projects:

1. Export your block pattern as a swatch.
2. Apply the pattern to various design elements such as digital scrapbook paper.
3. Experiment with layer order and opacity to achieve your desired look.


Our Photoshop actions offer a powerful and efficient way to create captivating block patterns in Adobe Photoshop. With a range of customization options and an intuitive process, these actions provide a valuable tool for designers looking to add an extra dimension to their creative work. Elevate your designs and explore the world of block patterns with our innovative actions.

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