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Blue, Cyan, Tangerine Orange, and cerise pink colors in vertical lines

Looking for color inspiration? Check out this color palette featuring blue, cerise pink, tangerine orange, and cyan blue.

This delightful amalgamation of colors harmoniously blends cool serenity with warm vivacity, creating a captivating visual symphony that ignites the imagination.

The calming allure of blue meets the zesty burst of tangerine orange, while the passionate cerise pink dances alongside the refreshing hues of cyan blue.

Together, they paint a picture of dynamic balance, infusing any space or design with a spirited and invigorating ambiance.

Enjoy your journey of creative exploration as you explore the endless possibilities that this vibrant color palette has to offer.

Hex Codes:

Cerise Pink: #DD3162

Blue: #27449F

Tangerine Orange: #F98128

Cyan: #6CD0D0


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Blue, Cyan, Tangerine Orange, and cerise pink colors
cerise pink, tangerine orange, cyan, and blue in horizontal stripes
Blue, Cyan, Tangerine Orange and Cerise pink with colored pattern

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