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Solid Color Cerise Pink with text hex code dd3162

Introducing the alluring and vivacious cerise pink—a color that exudes a captivating energy.

Derived from the French word for cherry, cerise pink embodies the rich, juicy hue of this delectable fruit.

This vibrant shade strikes a perfect balance between red and magenta, creating a mesmerizing spectrum that draws attention like a magnet.

Radiating warmth and positivity, cerise pink has the remarkable ability to evoke feelings of joy and excitement, making it an ideal choice for adding a pop of enthusiasm to any setting.

Whether adorning fashion ensembles, brightening up interior spaces, or even symbolizing affection and love, cerise pink is a delightful hue that leaves a lasting impression wherever it graces with its presence.

Hex Code:

Cerise Pink: #DD3162


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cerise pink DD3162
cerise pink color with white background and hex code DD3162
cerise pink and white pattern