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Fall color palette - spicy orange, sunset orange, goldenrod, buttercream yellow, fire engine red

Introducing a vibrant fall color palette that ignites the senses with the fiery brilliance of autumn foliage, capturing the essence of nature’s most dazzling season. Inspired by the kaleidoscope of hues found in falling leaves and the warm glow of harvest sunsets, this palette blends bold tones with radiant accents to evoke a sense of energy and excitement.

Picture the spicy warmth of orange, reminiscent of cinnamon-spiced cider and the vibrant hues of pumpkins ripe for picking. Imagine the soft, golden glow of sunset orange, evoking the last rays of daylight as they dance across the horizon in a blaze of glory. Pair it with the radiant brilliance of goldenrod, mirroring the sun-kissed brilliance of fields aglow with harvest bounty and the vibrant energy of autumn sunsets.

Envision the creamy richness of buttercream yellow, like the gentle warmth of sunlight filtering through a canopy of leaves and the softness of a cozy blanket on a crisp fall day. And amidst this palette, let the fiery intensity of fire engine red add a touch of boldness, echoing the fiery brilliance of maple leaves ablaze with autumn’s fiery magic. Together, these hues invite you to celebrate the splendor of fall, infusing your spaces with the warmth, vibrancy, and joy of the season.

Hex Codes:

Spicy Orange: #E94905

Sunset Orange: #F8840D

Goldenrod: #F9C41D

Buttercream Yellow: #F8DA7A

Fire Engine Red: #C72702


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Looking for more color palette ideas? We have put together 25 free color palette swatches for Photoshop. Included is 25 color palettes with Photoshop Swatches (.aco file) that you can import directly into Photoshop.

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Autumn color palette - spicy orange, sunset orange, goldenrod, buttercream yellow, fire engine red

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