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denim blue, khaki brown, flax white and puce pink vertical stripes

This sofl color palette evokes a harmonious blend of diverse yet complementary hues.

The delicate charm of puce pink delicately mingles with the timeless appeal of denim blue, creating a captivating contrast that draws the eye.

Khaki brown introduces a grounding and earthy element to the palette, reminiscent of natural landscapes and rugged textures.

Flax white acts as a tranquil and pure canvas, allowing the other colors to shine and interact with each other in a visually engaging dance.

Together, these shades form a captivating symphony of colors that balances softness and strength, modernity and tradition, offering a versatile and inviting aesthetic for any creative endeavor.

Hex Codes:

Puce Pink: #CC8899

Denim Blue: #6F8FAF

Khaki Brown: #C3B091

Flax White: #E5DFCF


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pink, flax white, khaki brown and denim blue horizontal lines
Denim blue, khaki brown, flax white and puce pink colored circles
denim blue, khaki brown, flax white, and puce pink geometric pattern

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