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magenta pink, marigold yellow orange, verdigris blue green and citrine yellow vertical stripes

Embark on a vivid journey through a captivating spectrum of colors that radiate energy and vibrancy.

This enchanting color palette brings together the striking allure of magenta pink, the radiant warmth of marigold, the soothing depths of verdigris blue green, and the exhilarating brightness of citrine yellow.

Each hue in this collection exudes its own distinct personality, yet together, they create a harmonious symphony that sparks imagination and evokes a sense of dynamic creativity.

Whether used individually to make a bold statement or combined to form captivating contrasts, this palette offers a boundless realm of possibilities for artistic expression and visual delight.

Hex Codes:

Magenta: #CC338B

Marigold: #EAA221

Verdigris Blue Green: #43B3AE

Citrine Yellow: #E4D00A


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citrine yellow, verdigris blue green, marigold orange and magenta pink horizontal lines
magenta, marigold orange, verdigris blue green and citrine yellow colored circles with gradient background
magenta pink, marigold orange, verdigris blue green, and citrine yellow plaid pattern

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