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red, black, grey and white colored vertical lines

Step into a realm where elegance meets contrast, where hues intertwine to create a symphony of sophistication.

This captivating color palette harmoniously blends the deep allure of raspberry red, the timeless elegance of noir black, the understated refinement of grey, and the delicate subtlety of white smoke.

Together, these shades form a visual masterpiece that plays with light and darkness, creating a captivating dance of tones.

Whether evoking a sense of drama, minimalism, or modern chic, this palette offers a versatile canvas for artistic expression, inviting you to explore the interplay of colors and emotions in every creative endeavor.

Hex Codes:

Raspberry Red: #C51D34

Noir Black: #2E2E30

Grey: #808080

White Smoke: #F5F5F5


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red, black, grey and white colored circles with gradient background
white, grey, black and red horizontal stripes
red, black, grey and white geometric pattern

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