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lilac purple, peach orange, celadon green, serenity blue vertical stripes

Step into a world of gentle elegance and soft enchantment, where the palette is awash with the delicate beauty of pastel tones.

Imagine the subtle embrace of a lilac purple, invoking a sense of grace and mystery, dancing harmoniously with the warmth of a peach orange that radiates with a gentle vitality.

These hues intertwine effortlessly with the soothing celadon green, reminiscent of new spring leaves, and the tranquil serenity blue, like a clear sky stretching over calm waters.

Together, they form a pastel symphony that captures the essence of serenity and brings a whisper of timeless charm to every creation. Join us on a journey through this ethereal spectrum, where the hues are as soft as a sigh and as captivating as a dream.

Hex Codes:

Lilac Purple: #C8A2C8

Peach Orange: #FFCC99

Celadon Green: #AFD9AE

Serenity Blue: #B3CEE5


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serenity blue, celadon green, peach orange, and lilac purple horizontal stripes
lilac purple, peach orange, celadon green and serenity blue colored circles with gradient background
lilac purple, peach orange, celadon green and serenity blue mermaid scale pattern

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