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purple, coral, mint green, brown and light brown colored circles with beach sea shells

Step into a world of serene beauty and coastal elegance with a captivating color palette inspired by the intricate patterns and soothing hues of seashells.

This enchanting collection of colors draws from the mesmerizing tones found in nature’s artwork, featuring a harmonious blend of brown and light brown reminiscent of sun-kissed sands, intertwined with the regal allure of deep purple that mirrors the enigmatic depths of the ocean.

Mint green evokes the freshness of seafoam while light coral adds a delicate touch of warmth, creating a palette that not only captures the essence of sea shells but also infuses spaces with a tranquil and invigorating atmosphere.

Hex Codes:

Purple: #B15D91

Coral: #F0B692

Mint Green: #97C4A5

Brown: #997560

Light Brown: #D0BEAF


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This pattern collection is a celebration of the tranquil beauty of seaside landscapes offering a palette that will evoke heartfelt emotions and inspire your creative endeavors.

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purple, coral, mint green, brown and light brown colors
light brown, brown, mint green, coral and purple geometric pattern
purple, coral, mint green, brown and light brown horizontal stripes

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