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brown, lime green, amber yellow, sky blue and copper brown colored circles with sunflower and blue sky

Welcome to a harmonious world of colors inspired by the beauty of nature itself.

This captivating color palette draws its essence from a mesmerizing image—a vibrant sunflower reaching toward the heavens against a backdrop of clear blue skies.

Within this palette, the warm embrace of amber yellow echoes the sun’s radiant glow, while the lively spirit of lime green dances like leaves in a gentle breeze.

Sky blue lends a serene backdrop, mirroring the tranquil expanse above, and the rich and grounding tones of both brown and copper brown complete the ensemble, paying homage to the sunflower’s earthy roots.

Embark on a journey through these hues, where nature’s beauty and artistry converge to paint a breathtaking scene of balance and elegance.

Hex Codes:

Brown: #6B3606

Lime Green: #659200

Amber Yellow: #DAA409

Sky Blue: #79B4ED

Copper Brown: #A37710


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brown, lime green, amber yellow, sky blue, and copper brown colored rectangles with sunflower and blue sky
copper brown, sky blue, amber yellow, lime green and brown plaid pattern
brown, lime green, amber yellow, sky blue and copper brown horizontal stripes

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