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tan, brown, red orange, marigold and pale gold colored circles with drink on top of brown table

Introducing a symphony of hues that dance together in perfect harmony, our latest color palette is inspired by an enchanting visual scene.

Picture this: a refreshing drink, a tantalizing blend of orange and yellow, graced by the presence of a tantalizing cherry and a zesty orange slice, resting elegantly atop a rich brown table. The scene is a sensory delight, and its dynamic interplay of colors has sparked our imagination to curate a captivating palette that captures the essence of this moment.

From the soothing embrace of tan and brown to the fiery allure of red orange and marigold orange, this color palette is an ode to the captivating contrast and harmonious blend that nature offers. Each hue tells a story, conjuring images of sun-kissed afternoons and the joyous symphony of flavors that awaken our senses.

The tan offers warmth while the brown gives off earthy richness and the fiery passion of red orange. Experience the vibrancy of marigold orange and the subtle elegance of pale gold, each color a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is our inspired color palette.

Hex Codes:

Tan: #CEAF90

Brown: #7A5236

Red Orange: #EA3E0C

Marigold: #FBA913

Pale Gold: #FAD073


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tan, brown, red orange, marigold, and pale gold colored rectangles
pale gold, marigold, red orange, brown, and tan plaid pattern
tan, brown, red orange, marigold, pale gold colored horizontal stripes

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