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midnight blue, teal, turquoise, seafoam green and light gray blue colored circles

Step into a realm of tranquility and depth with our exquisite color palette that takes its inspiration from the ever-changing shades of the ocean.

This carefully curated collection features a mesmerizing range of colors, including midnight blue, teal, turquoise, seafoam green, and light gray-blue. Just as the ocean’s waters shift from the dark allure of midnight blue to the refreshing vibrancy of seafoam green, this palette encapsulates the serenity and beauty of nature’s most captivating aquatic wonders.

Whether you’re looking to infuse your space with the calming presence of teal or the invigorating charm of turquoise, or perhaps the gentle elegance of light gray-blue, these colors come together in perfect harmony to create a palette that brings the tranquility of the ocean into your surroundings.

Join us on a journey to explore the endless possibilities that this palette offers, as you immerse yourself in the soothing and invigorating embrace of these ocean-inspired hues.

Hex Codes:

Midnight Blue: #032A33

Teal: #0B4B54

Turquoise: #2A777C

Seafoam Green: #82ACAB

Light Gray Blue: #D3E4E7


More Color Palette Ideas:

Looking for more color palette ideas? We have put together 25 free color palette swatches for Photoshop. Included is 25 color palettes with Photoshop Swatches (.aco file) that you can import directly into Photoshop.

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Midnight blue, Teal, turquoise, seafoam green, and light gray blue horizontal squares.
Lotus flower pattern in shades of teal
Midnight blue, Teal, Turquoise, Seafoam Green and Light Gray Blue horizontal stripes

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