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Lavender mist, rose quartz, light green, mystic grape and blue colored circles with assorted colored flowers

Step into a world of enchantment and whimsy with our captivating color palette, a true ode to the captivating charm of a vibrant bouquet of flowers.

Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope of hues found within a bouquet, our collection features an exquisite array of colors including lavender mist, rose quartz, light green, mystic grape, and blue mirage. These shades come together in perfect harmony, just as the flowers in a bouquet create a symphony of colors that dance and delight the senses.

Much like a bouquet’s petals blend seamlessly, the colors in this palette offer a harmonious interplay between the gentle pastels and the vivid shades, evoking the joyful spirit of a garden in full bloom.

Whether you seek to infuse your space with the soothing grace of lavender mist or the tender elegance of rose quartz, or perhaps the fresh vibrancy of light green, mystic grape, and blue mirage, this palette offers a multitude of choices to transform your surroundings into a blossoming paradise.

Join us on a journey to explore the limitless possibilities that this palette offers, and let your space bloom with the same effervescent energy that a bouquet of brightly colored flowers brings. Embrace the delightful dance of colors that mirror the vivacity of nature’s artistry, and create an ambiance that captures the essence of a radiant floral arrangement, forever in full bloom.

Hex Codes:

Lavender Mist: #D7D5E6

Rose Quartz: #E67E97

Light Green: #BDC171

Mystic Grape: #6A627D

Blue Mirage: #6792A8


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Looking for more color palette ideas? We have put together 25 free color palette swatches for Photoshop. Included is 25 color palettes with Photoshop Swatches (.aco file) that you can import directly into Photoshop.

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lavender purple, rose quartz, light green, grape purple, and blue colored rectangles with flowers
purple, pink, light green, and blue colored flower pattern
lavender mist, rose quartz pink, light green, grape purple and blue colored horizontal stripes

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