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steel blue, goldenrod yellow, pumpkin orange, dark olive, and olive green color palette with orange and yellow flowers

Drawing inspiration from the vivid beauty of yellow and orange flowers, this striking color palette celebrates the vibrancy of nature.

Steel Blue forms the backdrop, reminiscent of a clear sky on a sunny day, providing a cool contrast to the warmth of the goldenrod yellow and pumpkin orange.

These shades dance together like petals in the sun, exuding energy and vitality. Dark Olive and Olive Green add depth and balance, reminiscent of the lush foliage that surrounds the blossoms, grounding the palette with a touch of earthy elegance.

Together, these colors not only pay homage to the natural world but also inspire a sense of optimism, radiance, and a connection to the outdoors. Whether used in fashion, interior design, or artistic creations, this palette offers a vibrant and harmonious composition that encapsulates the joy and wonder of blooming gardens.

Hex Codes:

Steel Blue: #83A0A3

Goldenrod Yellow: #DDA830

Pumpkin Orange: #DF7119

Dark Olive: #645036

Olive Green: #A29C48


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steel blue, goldenrod yellow, pumpkin orange, dark olive and olive green color palette

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