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steel blue, peach, dusty rose, light yellow green and periwinkle colored circles next to multicolored succulents

The pastel color palette inspired by a picture of multicolored succulents is a harmonious blend of nature’s delicate hues.

Steel blue, with its cool and calming undertones, serves as the anchor of this enchanting ensemble, reminiscent of the succulent’s silvery foliage.

Peach adds a warm and inviting touch, evoking the softness of sunset-lit petals.

Dusty rose, a subdued shade of pink, adds a gentle romanticism, mirroring the blush of a succulent in full bloom.

Light yellow-green breathes life into the palette, reflecting the fresh vibrancy of succulent leaves bathed in sunlight.

Lastly, periwinkle, like the sky at twilight, adds a subtle touch of serenity, completing this pastel symphony with a hint of dreamy nostalgia.

Together, these colors capture the essence of the succulent’s natural beauty, offering a soothing and visually pleasing aesthetic for any creative endeavor.

Hex Codes:

Steel Blue: #75A4B1

Peach: #F0B692

Dusty Rose: #D58A8F

Light Yellow Green: #E6D46F

Periwinkle: #9F94C2


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steel blue, peach, dusty rose, light yellow green and periwinkle color palette

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