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Pebble Gray, Muted brown, Dove Gray, Earthy Taupe, and Terracotta Brown Color Palette

The Tranquil Autumn color palette is a soothing and sophisticated collection inspired by the understated elegance of the fall season. Embracing the tranquil beauty of autumn, this palette showcases a range of muted, earthy shades that exude a sense of calm and comfort.

“Pebble Gray” forms the gentle backdrop, offering a subtle coolness, while “Muted Brown” and “Dove Gray” bring a soft, muted warmth to the palette, much like the serene overcast skies and fallen leaves on a quiet afternoon.

“Earthy Taupe” adds a hint of grounding, mirroring the natural hues of earth and bark, and “Terracotta Brown” infuses a subtle burst of richness and warmth, reminiscent of the cozy fireside glow.

The Tranquil Autumn palette is an ode to the season’s peaceful moments, allowing you to create spaces and designs that reflect the tranquility and timeless beauty of fall, where nature’s subtlety takes center stage, and the world transforms with grace and harmony.

Hex Codes:

Pebble Gray: #B1A7A2

Muted Brown: #8E7C74

Dove Gray: #D6D4D0

Earthy Taupe: #5C4D4C

Terra Cotta Brown: #B17B5B


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Neutral Fall color palette

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