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Lavender Grey, Dusty Rose, Deep Charcoal, Copper Rust and Sandstone Beige Color Palette

Introducing the Halloween Fright color palette, a sophisticated and versatile collection that marries classical charm with contemporary appeal. The harmonious blend of shades in this palette creates a sense of enduring beauty and grace.

Lavender Grey establishes a serene and neutral base, evoking a quiet sophistication. Dusty Rose contributes a touch of delicate and timeless romance, reminiscent of vintage aesthetics. Deep Charcoal introduces an air of depth and modernity, providing a strong contrast to the softer hues.

Copper Rust infuses warmth and richness, much like the patina of aged copper. And Sandstone Beige offers a calming, grounding element, reminiscent of natural earth tones.

The Halloween Fright palette is designed to infuse a sense of refinement and versatility into your design projects, whether you’re decorating a space, planning an event, or creating art. These colors effortlessly blend tradition with modernity, allowing you to craft designs that stand the test of time and exude an enduring sense of elegance and sophistication.

Hex Codes:

Lavender Grey: #D0CFD0

Dusty Rose: #9D9194

Deep Charcoal: #1D1A19

Copper Rust: #BB532A

Sandstone Beige: #CB9D5D


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