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Pumpkin Orange, Chocolate Brown, Rustic Brown, Sunflower Yellow, and Peach Beige Halloween Color Palette

Introducing the Warm Halloween Harvest color palette, a vibrant and inviting collection inspired by the heartwarming spirit of Halloween and the bountiful fall season. Drawing its inspiration from the cozy and nostalgic elements of this beloved holiday, this palette celebrates the rich and comforting colors that adorn this time of year.

Pumpkin Orange forms the lively centerpiece, capturing the vivid and cheerful essence of Halloween’s most iconic symbol. Chocolate Brown adds a touch of indulgence, reminiscent of the delicious treats that make Halloween so sweet. Rustic Brown contributes an earthy warmth, akin to the rustic charm of autumn’s foliage.

Sunflower Yellow infuses an energetic burst, much like the golden glow of the fall sun. Finally, Peach Beige offers a soothing and neutral balance, mirroring the gentle hues of falling leaves.

The Warm Halloween Harvest palette invites you to create a Halloween ambiance that is welcoming, nostalgic, and full of the familiar comforts of the season. Whether you’re decorating your space, planning a festive event, or crafting Halloween treats, these colors will envelop your projects with the heartwarming spirit of autumn, where every moment is a reminder of the joy and togetherness that this time of year brings.

Hex Codes:

Pumpkin Orange: #F68A1F

Chocolate Brown: #3A1D11

Rustic Brown: #974C20

Sunflower Yellow: #F9CD43

Peach Beige: #E5BA91


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Warm Halloween color palette

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