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Midnight black, Russet brown, copper brown, terracotta and blush pink halloween color palette

Introducing the Halloween Pumpkins color palette, a sophisticated and enchanting collection that reimagines Halloween with a touch of refinement and mystery. Drawing inspiration from the dark, romantic allure of the season, this palette combines rich and captivating colors that invite you to embrace a more elegant side of Halloween.

Midnight Black sets the stage with its deep and velvety darkness, reminiscent of the inky night sky that shrouds the world in a cloak of secrecy. Russet Brown adds a sense of warmth and depth, akin to the earthy tones that define autumn’s landscape. Copper Brown contributes a hint of lustrous opulence, much like the gleam of antique copper lanterns casting their warm light.

Terra Cotta infuses an earthy and grounded character, echoing the timeless beauty of weathered terracotta pots. Finally, Blush Pink introduces a subtle and elegant contrast, evoking a touch of delicate and romantic charm.

The Halloween Pumpkins palette allows you to craft an ambiance that celebrates the allure and refinement of the season, where every detail exudes a sense of elegance and mystery. Whether you’re decorating your space, planning a sophisticated event, or creating art, these colors will infuse your projects with a touch of timeless beauty, showcasing the more enchanting and mysterious facets of Halloween.

Hex Codes:

Midnight Black: #0E2324

Russet Brown: #473128

Copper Brown: #804230

Terra Cotta: #CB6D49

Blush Pink: #E0B3A9


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Halloween Color Scheme

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