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Olive Green, Mocha Brown, Brown, Amber Gold, Charcoal Black Halloween color palette

The Halloween color palette inspired by a captivating image of a witch’s hat nestled among fallen leaves evokes a rich and enchanting atmosphere. Stone Grey dominates the scene, mirroring the earthy tones of the foliage, while mocha brown and regular brown add warmth reminiscent of the autumnal landscape.

Amber gold embodies the fall leaves leaving a spell of mystery and magic. Charcoal black serves as the perfect backdrop, intensifying the overall ambiance and providing a stark contrast to the vivid autumn hues.

This bewitching combination of colors not only captures the essence of Halloween but also paints a vivid picture of a witch’s presence, blending seamlessly with the seasonal splendor of fallen leaves and the enigmatic charm of the occasion.

Hex Codes:

Stone Grey: #5D5D52

Mocha Brown: #8E7761

Brown: #54453B

Amber Gold: #CE8D55

Charcoal Black: #221C1E


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Stone grey, mocha brown, brown, amber gold, charcoal black color palette

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