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Thanksgiving color palette idea

Welcome to the cozy embrace of our Thanksgiving color palette, where warmth and abundance abound, echoing the spirit of gratitude and togetherness. As the crisp autumn air fills with the scent of harvest, allow yourself to be enveloped in a symphony of hues that celebrate the bountiful blessings of the season.

Picture the majestic allure of Redwood, reminiscent of towering trees adorned in their autumnal finery, their russet leaves ablaze with the hues of sunset. Feel the vibrant energy of Carrot Orange and Marigold, mirroring the vibrant tones of ripe pumpkins and golden maize, heralding the harvest’s bounty.

Embrace the delicate sweetness of Peach, evoking the soft glow of candlelight illuminating a festive table laden with delights. Finally, bask in the radiant glow of Sunflower Yellow, like the last rays of sunshine dancing across fields of golden wheat. Together, these colors weave a tapestry of warmth and joy, inviting you to gather with loved ones and give thanks for the abundance that surrounds us.

Hex Codes:

Redwood: #932B19

Carrot Orange: #E96A18

Marigold: #EC9731

Peach: #EABE8E

Sunflower Yellow: #EBBF37


More Color Palette Ideas:

Looking for more color palette ideas? We have put together 25 free color palette swatches for Photoshop. Included is 25 color palettes with Photoshop Swatches (.aco file) that you can import directly into Photoshop.

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Thanksgiving color palette - redwood, orange, marigold, peach and sunflower yellow

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