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Thanksgiving color palette idea

Introducing a Thanksgiving color palette that mirrors the warmth and richness of a traditional feast, inviting you to embrace the spirit of gratitude and abundance. Drawing inspiration from the harvest season and the delectable spread of a Thanksgiving table, this palette combines hues that reflect the earthy tones of autumn with a touch of timeless elegance.

Imagine the soft, inviting glow of desert sand, reminiscent of cornbread and warm rolls fresh from the oven. Picture the goldenrod hues that mirror the vibrant squash and sweet potatoes adorning the table, radiating with the essence of sunlight captured in a harvest.

Envision the comforting warmth of burnt sienna, echoing the caramelized tones of roasted vegetables and the crackling fire in the hearth.

Pair it with the rich depth of cocoa brown, evoking the indulgent aroma of freshly brewed coffee and decadent desserts. And amidst this symphony of colors, let the bold presence of black add a touch of sophistication, like the contrast of dark gravy against creamy mashed potatoes.

Together, these hues capture the essence of Thanksgiving, inviting you to create spaces that celebrate the bounty of the season and the joy of gathering with loved ones.

Hex Codes:

Desert Sand: #D4AF9A

Goldenrod: #D09847

Burnt Sienna: #C04F17

Cocoa Brown: #6D361D

Black: #221812


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Looking for more color palette ideas? We have put together 25 free color palette swatches for Photoshop. Included is 25 color palettes with Photoshop Swatches (.aco file) that you can import directly into Photoshop.

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thanskgiving feast color palette - desert sand, goldenrod, burnt sienna, cocoa brown and black

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