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Check out these fall color palette ideas to give you inspiration for your next design project. Click on the link below each of the different color palettes to download the swatch palette that you can import directly into Photoshop and start using that color palette.

1. Fall Leaves

orange and yellow fall leaves

This fun fall color palette is inspired by the vibrant colors of changing leaves. There is nice contrast between the bright orange and yellow leaves and the brown from the wood grain.

Click to download this color palette for Photoshop

2. Pumpkin Spice

When you see pumpkins you definitely think of the fall.

Click to Download this color palette for Photoshop

3. Bright Leaves

Leaves come in many shapes and colors. This fall color palette offers a more vibrant range of colors.

Click to download this color palette for Photoshop

How to Import a Color Palette into Photoshop

After you have downloaded the color palette open up Photoshop. In order to import a color palette you need to have the swatches panel open. To access the swatches panel go to Window > Swatches.

In the upper right corner of the swatches panel click on the icon to access the menu. From the menu select > import swatches. You new color palette will be loaded into the swatch panel so you can start using them with you next design project.

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