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Looking for a Houndstooth pattern to use with your next design project. Well you are in luck because here at Lemon Paper Lab we like to share our patterns.

Want more Houndstooth pattern options?

Check out our – Houndstooth multi-color pattern set (.pat files) for Photoshop.

This pattern set includes 13 color variations for 1, 2, 3, and 4 color patterns.

How to import a pattern into Photoshop

Inside your download you will get a .pat file. In order to use this file in Photoshop you need to import it into the patterns panel. To access the patterns panel go to Window > Pattern.

In the right corner of the pattern’s panel click on the menu icon. From the menu select > Import Patterns.

Navigate to the file you downloaded and click on the file with the .pat ending.

Photoshop will load your new houndstooth pattern.

The basic pattern swatch is 300 x 300px and designed to be seamless with a 3600 x 3600 px document which is standard for digital scrapbook paper.

How to use your pattern in Photoshop

After you have loaded the pattern into Photoshop you can start using it. My favorite way to use patterns is with a pattern adjustment layer. You can access this from the bottom of the layers panel. Click on the icon (looks like a half filled circle) and select pattern from the menu.

This will bring up a dialogue box where you can select your new Houndstooth pattern. From here you can also adjust the scale of your pattern.

Pattern Overlay and pattern swatch

Also included with your download is a 300 x 300 px PNG swatch with transparent background and a 3600 x 3600 px PNG pattern overlay file. This way you can use this pattern in other programs if you do not have Photoshop.

How to create a Houndstooth pattern in Photoshop

Want to learn how to create a Houndstooth pattern for yourself? Check out the tutorial video which will walk you through step by step on how to create a Houndstooth pattern in Photoshop.