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Today’s free download includes a fun open circle dot Photoshop pattern that you can use with your next design project.

What’s Included:

  • Photoshop Pattern (.pat file) that you can upload into Photoshop
  • Pattern swatch with transparent background (size: 1200 x 1200 px)

Note: You will receive a compressed .zip file that you will need to unzip. The file should immediately download when you click the button below.


You can use this pattern for personal and commercial use. You may not resell or redistribute this pattern file as is.

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Want Multi-color options for this pattern?

Check out our Open Circle Dot – multicolor patterns (.pat)

This pattern set includes 13 color variations for 1, 2, 3, and 4 color patterns.

How to Import a Pattern into Photoshop

In your download you will receive a .pat file. This is Photoshop’s pattern file format. To load your pattern into Photoshop go ahead and open a new document. To open the pattern panel go to Window > Patterns.

In the top right corner of the patterns panel click on the menu icon. From the menu select import patterns. Navigate to where you have saved your downloaded files. Click on the file with the .pat extension and then click to import them into Photoshop. The files will be loaded into your patterns panel.

How to use a Pattern in Photoshop

From the patterns panel click on your pattern and drag it into the layers panel. This will create a new pattern fill layer. To change the color of your pattern I like to use a color fill adjustment layer. From the bottom of the layers panel click on the adjustment layers icon (half filled circle) and add a Solid Color adjustment layer. Position this layer below the pattern fill layer. This will be your background color.

Next, duplicate your color fill layer and drag it to the top. Right click on this layer and select > create clipping mask. This layer will control the color of your pattern. You can easily double click on a solid color adjustment layer to select a new color.

To scale your pattern double click on the pattern fill layer and it will open a dialogue box. Here you can change the percentage to scale your pattern down.