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Blue, Orange, Green, Magenta Color Palette in vertical stripes

Welcome to a world of bold contrasts and vivid expressions, where the color palette of ultramarine blue, tangerine orange, magenta pink, and chartreuse green sets the stage for an exhilarating visual adventure.

This striking ensemble of hues brings together the depths of rich ultramarine blue with the vibrant warmth of tangerine orange, while the passionate magenta pink harmoniously dances with the lively and fresh chartreuse green.

The juxtaposition of intense and electrifying shades ignites a symphony of emotions, invoking a sense of excitement and creativity.

Embark on a journey of artistic exploration as we delve into the endless possibilities that this captivating color palette has to offer, promising to breathe life and personality into any design or space.

Hex Codes:

Ultramarine Blue: #4166F5

Magenta: #CC338B

Tangerine Orange: #F98128

Chartreuse Green: #93C83E


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Ultramarine Blue, Tangerine Orange, Chartreuse Green and Magenta Color Palette displayed in circles
magenta pink, chartreuse green, tangerine orange, and ultramarine blue in horizontal stripes
Ultramarine blue, tangerine orange, chartreuse green and magenta pink in vertical stripes

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