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Learn how to create a monoline brush pen in Procreate with this step by step tutorial. When it comes to brushes in Procreate you are only limited by your imagination. The characteristic trait of a monoline pen is constant size and color with no change in opacity. Check out the video or keep reading to learn how to make a monoline brush pen in procreate.

How to Create a New Brush in Procreate

First open a document in procreate.

Note: if you are planning on creating a new brush shape or grain then you would want your document to be square in dimension. 

Click on the brush icon to open the brush library.

To create a new brush set press and drag down on the left hand column where it lists the brush set names. A blue plus sign icon will appear allowing you to create a new brush set. Click on the plus icon and give your brush set a name. 

To add a new brush to your brush set click on the black plus icon in the upper right hand corner of the brush library. Once you click on the icon it will bring up the brush studio where you can change the settings of your new brush.

How to create a Monoline brush

First select the Shape tab. By default the shape is set to round. If you want to change the shape of your brush you can click on Edit. This will bring up the shape editor. Click on Import and you will have the option to import a photo, import a file, choose from the default source library or paste an image.

For this example I am going to leave the shape as a circle, but wanted to show you that you can change the shape of your brush. 

You do not need to change any of the default settings under shape behavior.

To achieve a monoline brush you need to remove the changing opacity as it relates to pressure. To adjust this setting click on the apple pencil tab. Under pressure click on the opacity slider (currently set to max) and drag it all the way to the left which will change it to none. In the drawing pad you should see the preview turn complete to one color and no longer display a change in opacity. 

Use the drawing pad on the right to test out your brush. 

If you want to smooth the lines more you can select the stabilization tab. If you increase the stabilization a little bit it will help smooth the lines. Personally I like to increase the streamline amount and stabilization amount to around 20%. 

How to Change the name of your Procreate brush

To change the name of your brush click on the About this brush tab. Click at the top to change the brush name. 

You also have the option to add your name to the Made by section. 

Click on the image icon to add a photo to customize your brush to your brand. Note: once you add an image you can’t change it. In this case sometimes I like to duplicate my brush before adding the image making the original my unofficial copy. That way if I change my mind on my brand image I can work with the unofficial copy to duplicate it again to add a different image.  

Finally you can create a reset point. A reset point saves the settings of your brush. As you use the brush and decide to alter some of the properties along the way, if you want to get back to the starting point you can click to reset the brush based on the set reset point. If you are planning on sharing or selling your brush it is a good idea to create a reset point. That way the users of your brush can get back to the original settings if they happen to change anything.

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