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In the realm of print on demand, where creative designs meet tangible products, Printify’s wrapping paper has caught our attention. This article delves into the world of print on demand wrapping paper, highlighting its features, quality, pricing, and potential market niche. Whether you’re an artist, a seller, or simply curious about unique products, read on to discover the ins and outs of Printify’s offering.

In this review, we dive feet-first into the realm of print-on-demand wrapping paper offered by Printify.

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What is Printify?

Printify is a print on demand company that offers a wide selection of products. They are a network of printing providers which gives you the option to choose from different companies depending on different factors like product selection, location and price.

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Getting started with Print on Demand?

If you are new to print on demand it is important to understand how this business model works. The foundation of print on demand is that a product is not made until it is ordered. In this case supply matches demand.

This is a great model that reduces textile waste. Typically if you want to start selling a product like wrapping paper then you would buy your inventory in bulk and then try to sell off your inventory. In this case if a product doesn’t sell then you are at a loss. 

With print on demand you do not have to buy any inventory upfront which makes it easy for you to get started selling your designs. 

Printify Wrapping Paper Review

Printify’s wrapping paper emerges as an intriguing addition to the print on demand landscape. The product comes in two sizes: 24 inches by 36 inches or 24 inches by 60 inches, with edge-to-edge printing on premium glossy paper. The packaging is straightforward, featuring a long box that securely houses the rolled wrapping paper. The design is protected by a plastic wrapping, maintaining its pristine condition until it reaches its destination.

Quality and Design

Upon unwrapping, the quality of the printing is immediately evident. The meticulous print job captures intricate details with finesse. A specific design, in this case, a Christmas-themed illustration featuring various trees, showcases the potential of Printify’s wrapping paper. The graphics for this project were sourced from Creative Fabrica, a platform offering a wide range of designs suitable for print on demand products. The print quality and overall presentation receive commendation, indicating the product’s capability to bring creative visions to life.

The Cost Consideration

While the quality is praiseworthy, the price point of Printify’s wrapping paper is undeniably a crucial factor. At $9.70 for the base cost and an additional $5.90 for shipping within the United States, the total cost of $16.49 for the 24 inches by 60 inches variant might give pause. This leads to a critical question: when does the investment in print on demand wrapping paper become justified?

Niche Market and Specialization

The answer lies in the concept of specialization. Traditional store-bought wrapping paper is significantly more affordable, making it essential for print on demand wrapping paper to offer something unique. For this product to find its place in the market, it needs to cater to a specialized niche audience. Whether it’s humor, quirkiness, or a distinct brand identity, the wrapping paper must provide an exclusive value that justifies the higher price point. The potential market for such specialized designs could be small but loyal, seeking a product that aligns perfectly with their preferences.


In conclusion, Printify’s wrapping paper introduces a captivating dimension to the print on demand landscape. Its ability to turn creative designs into tangible, eye-catching wrapping paper is commendable. However, the product’s higher cost demands careful consideration. For those looking to incorporate this product into their print on demand shop, understanding the necessity of a niche market and a unique value proposition is paramount. Printify’s wrapping paper offers an opportunity for sellers to create distinctive and memorable gifting experiences, but success hinges on catering to a discerning and specific audience.

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