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scarlet red color EE3224

Welcome to the fiery world of scarlet red—a color that ignites passion and intensity.

Named after the bright red plumage of the scarlet ibis bird, this bold and energetic hue commands attention with its vibrant presence.

Scarlet red is a symbol of power, love, and courage, evoking a sense of confidence and strength.

With its ability to make a bold statement, it adds a touch of drama and allure to any scene.

Whether gracing haute couture runways, infusing interior spaces with a daring flair, or even symbolizing deep emotions, scarlet red is a color that leaves a lasting impression.

Step into the world of scarlet red and embrace the unbridled passion and energy it brings to every aspect of life.

Hex Code:

Scarlet Red: #EE3224


Scarlet Red

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scarlet red color EE3224
scarlet red color swatch EE3224
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