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Tangerine Orange F98128

Introducing the vibrant and spirited hue of tangerine orange!

Like the sun-kissed fruit it’s named after, this energizing color radiates warmth and optimism.

With its lively and invigorating presence, tangerine orange brings a burst of enthusiasm to any setting it graces.

Embodying the essence of joy and creativity, this delightful shade stimulates the senses and ignites a sense of adventure.

Whether it’s adding a bold accent to your wardrobe or infusing your living space with a lively pop of color, tangerine orange is sure to evoke a zest for life and a feeling of vibrant positivity.

Hex Code:

Tangerine Orange: #F98128


Tangerine Orange

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Blue, Cyan, Tangerine Orange, and cerise pink colors in vertical lines
Blue, Orange, Green, Magenta Color Palette in vertical stripes

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Tangerine Orange Color F98128
Tangerine Orange Color swatch F98128
Tangerine orange and white wavy line pattern