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Amber yellow, sapphire blue, orange red and jade green vertical stripes

The “Gemstone Elegance” color palette exudes a captivating blend of jewel-toned brilliance, infusing your world with a regal and sophisticated allure.

At its core, sapphire blue sparkles with the depth and charm of a precious gem, radiating a sense of wisdom and tranquility.

Harmonizing alongside, orange red ignites the palette with its fiery passion, adding a burst of energy and excitement.

As jade green weaves its calming presence, reminiscent of lush forests and inner balance, amber yellow completes the ensemble with its warm and glowing embrace.

Together, these gem-inspired hues create a luxurious and enchanting symphony, perfect for lending a touch of opulence to fashion, design, or any creative endeavor seeking to evoke an air of elegance and allure.

Hex Codes:

Sapphire Blue: #0067A5

Orange Red: #F04923

Jade Green: #00A86B

Amber Yellow: #FFBF00


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jade green, orange red, sapphire blue and amber yellow colored horizontal stripes
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